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5 Sep 2017
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what is opcache ? how to use opcache ?

what is opcache ?
i read at

OPcache improves PHP performance by storing precompiled script bytecode in shared memory, thereby removing the need for PHP to load and parse scripts on each request.

what that mean ?

how to use opcache ?

how to implement opcache at php script ?
is there any php-module or something which can help to integrate opache with php script directly ?
Mitul Dabhi

Mitul Dabhi
answered Jan 21 '18 20:17

OPcache ::

OPcache give faster PHP execution through opcode caching . it store precompiled script bytecode in the shared memory. so it save time of reading code from the disk and compiling . and ,

OpCache is part of PHP since PHP 5.5 so before that version dont support OpCache

php use Zend OPcache
it PECL Extension . if it pre installed with PHP than you need to check it is enable it or not ?

how to check Zend OPcache pre installed or not with php ?

try to run phpinfo() at php script . you will get the list of extension

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