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26 Feb 2017
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ajamil posted

ADB is not recognizing Xiaomi / micromax device

i try to use Xiaomi MI 4 to test app at device , it was not work and again i try to test it with Xiaomi Redmi Note device , and than i try to use Micromax

for MI4 ,

when i try to run the application i was not found the device which shows in device manager

and when i try to check with CMD by command : adb devices
i found only text says "List of device attached"

Mitul Dabhi

Mitul Dabhi
answered Jan 21 '18 20:17

To Debug on device
Follow all the instruction at manual , Please check Run Apps on a Hardware Device

Install OEM USB Drivers ,

as per Android manual , you can find Xiaomi driver for adb here

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i followed it but still have same issue , installed Xiaomi drivers but still not work - ajamil  
Feb 27 '17 01:32
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