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25 May 2017
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jassy posted

Knet payment gateway integration Error in PHP

at code i have following

$payID = $Pipe->getPaymentId();
			$trackID = $Pipe->getTrackId();
			$payURL = $Pipe->getPaymentPage();
			echo $payURL;
          	echo $Pipe->getDebugMsg();

and i getting error like this

RROR - CGW000224-Merchant Response URL Invalid
---------- PaymentInitHTTPServlet: 1495693599 ----------

About to create the URL to:
About to create http connection....
Created connection.!!
about to write DataOutputSteam....
after DataOutputStream.!!
Received RESPONSE: ERROR - CGW000224-Merchant Response URL Invalid

in short i getting error like
Merchant Response URL Invalid
instead of getting redirection URL for payment processor
Mitul Dabhi

Mitul Dabhi
answered Jan 21 '18 20:17

its clearly says that your Response URL is not valid .

so you need to check it proper ,

response URL should be registered with KNET Payment Gateway
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