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23 Nov 2016
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ajamil posted

How to move Android SDK in Android Studio

How to Change Android SDK Path .when i install it goes to C drive .now i want to release some space from c drive so i want to change sdk to C drive to another D drive . so is it just copy to another drive or what ?

so i want to move Android Sdk to another drive without causing any problem .
Mitul Dabhi

Mitul Dabhi
answered Jan 22 '18 20:16

1. copy sdk to new drive suppose D drive .
2. change sdk path to Android Sutdio .
select File --> Settings --> Android Sdk and now change Android Sdk Location .by clicking Edit and you got next screen which come with Android SDK Location with old path . change it with by click button and choose path where you put the SDK at D drive. and it will do some setup which will update your current Android SDK installation (if necessary) or install a new version.

hope it clear
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